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It’s a New Day

By the end of this story someone’s life is going to change. Someone who needs hope will receive it. Someone’s dream is going to come true. I hope it’s yours!

Are you happy? Are you living your dream? If not, this story will absolutely help you. If you are living your dream, congratulations, you’re one of the lucky ones. If I can share a way to bring you 1,000 times more joy would you want to know about it?

No I’m not selling snake oil and it doesn’t cost money. You simply need to meet Joe Sabolick. Joe’s an amazing person. He’s not a sales guru or a motivational pump-you-up guy. He’s someone who really makes a difference in the world. He helps people turn their life around and discover what’s really important. He helps you to leave your baggage behind and discover. “It’s a new day!”

Yes by the end of the story I promise to tell you Joe’s magic formula, but first let me tell you Joe’s story. Sabolick grew up with what he calls “the Disneyland life.” He had it all, talent, fortune and fame. And then just like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride one day everything crashed. He lost it all, including his health. He flat lined on the operating table and that wasn’t even the worse part of his day. Like a train that had jumped off of the tracks, his life had been derailed. The life he knew was gone. The dream he was living had turned into a nightmare. That’s when the most amazing thing happened. Instead of feeling rage and asking the question Why or having a “pity party” and feeling “poor me …life is unfair.” Sabolick experienced inner peace. Because of his faith he knew to stay strong through adversity. (Go to itunes and listen to the song “The best thing that ever happend to me”.)

As the boxer Muhammad Ali says “It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up that counts.” Sabolick had reached a turning point, a cross road; And as he tells the story; he took “life’s mess and turned it into life’s message.”

Sabolick writes the most uplifting music. It touches your soul. Music is the soundtrack of our lives. When you hear 20 seconds of a song it takes you to the memory you associate with that song. Tony Robbins always starts his live events with what he calls “power songs” because music helps transform your mood. It can make you want to dance or it can make you cry. Just think how you feel when Ray Charles sings “America” or when your favorite song comes on the radio. Music reaches something inside of us. Joe has the gift to create a great song and turn it into a message of hope. His music helps to put you on the path to transform your life. “It’s a New Day.”

Now music is great, but Sabolick is much more than a musician. Yes he’s extremely talented and his music is heard all over the world. But that’s not what makes Joe Sabolick amazing. He actually cares about people. He actually helps people to become the best they can be. He helps them get from where they are to where they want to go.

If you’re at a cross roads, if you’ve lost hope, if you’re not sure where to turn, there’s a reason you’re reading this story. It’s not because you picked up the newspaper, the universe is answering your call for help. Your prayer is being answered right now. Some people call it Karma, some of us call it God. Oprah calls it the Spirit of the universe. What ever you call it, this is your sign. You can change your life today! Victory is within reach.


The first step is hope. Joel Osteen says to live a happy, successful, fulfilled life you must first have hope. You must believe that your best days are in front of you. Brian Tracy adds “expect something great to happen today”. Sabolick reminds us that hope leads to faith and when you combine hope and faith you are on your way to change.

The second step is you must change your thinking.
You must believe things can change for you. If you think nothing good is going to happen, you’re right. If you think my life is getting better, you’re right. When you ask the question “why me?” you will get a negative answer. But when you do as Sabolick did and instead of asking the question “Why?” and starting asking the question “how can I turn this situation around?” your brain will start to come up with solutions. Ask empowering questions not defeating questions. Sabolick goes one step further and say’s “eliminate the words: can’t, lack and fear from your vocabulary. When you apply faith you have no use for those words.”

The third step is to have an attitude of gratitude. Your words can pollute or purify. If you constantly complain, you release poison into your life. Complaining is not based on your circumstances; it’s based on the attitude of your heart.
Most call it “state of mind.” No matter what the adversity you face in your life, start with an attitude of gratitude. Don’t focus on what you’ve lost; focus on what you have. There is always an opportunity to move forward in life. God’s desire is that you grow to your full potential. All too often the problem lies within. You may have assumed that you’ve reached your limits in life, that you will never be more successful or do something meaningful or enjoy the good things in life that you’ve seen others enjoy. Sad to say you are exactly right…unless you are willing to change your thinking and start believing for something bigger. You must conceive it in your heart and mind before you will receive it. Expect to excel in what ever you do. And be thankful for what you have along the way.

The last step is take action. “Someday is today.”

If you keep saying “someday I will live my dream. Someday I’ll spend more time with my family. Someday I’ll write that book.” Someday will never come. This is the day you’ve been waiting for someday is today. It’s your turn. Set aside some time and start right now. To have the life of your dreams it starts with the understanding that your future begins with what happens in your life today. As we make the most of the present moment, we build our future one day at a time. “It’s a New Day.”

I know the economy is bad, people have lost jobs and many families are is crisis mode. But the good news is there is hope. And the world will be a better place if we apply what Sabolick teaches. I asked Sabolick why his music connects with so many people and he said “If it’s relevant to me, it’s relevant to someone else.” As far as his advice to up and coming song writers, Sabolick say’s “keep it simple and listen to the best music.”

If you’re not living your dream I would tell you to do what Tony Robbins teaches, find someone who has what you want and model it. If you think about it that’s exactly what Sabolick did, his mentor lived 2000 years ago and still has the number #1 best selling book of all time.

You can change your life right now! If you want help, Sabolick is in Mission Valley, or just go to itunes and down load one of his songs right now.

It’s really a simple process, as the children’s story says in “The Little Train that could”…you can if you think you can. If your train is off track, change tracks. Sometimes in life we get off track and we lose our direction, we lose hope. Hope will change your track and take you to the destiny you’ve always dreamed of. Your eyes have not seen nor your ears heard the amazing things that are in store for you. Please come take a ride on the “Hope & Faith Railroad.” All you have to do is get on board. Sabolick is the conductor and your train is on the right track. It’s your turn. Or if you’re not ready to ride the train, then just stop by for a “cup of Joe.” You don’t need a reservation. You don’t need to schedule an appointment. You don’t need to dress up or wear a tie. (I don’t even think Joe owns a tie.) As Joe say’s “COME JUST AS YOU ARE”:… Because IT’S A NEW DAY!


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  1. avatar Maurice R. Cramer Bornemann says:

    Every day IS a new day and ALL things are possible through Christ Jesus. Joe certainly has been an inspiration and mentor to me. Not only is his music beautiful and moving to listen to, but it is a direct conveyance of God’s word. Joe is also a dynamic Preacher and presents his teachings in a way that is understandable, applies to current life situations, is witty and Biblically sound. I know that Joe has made a difference in people’s lives because he is for real. He’s been there and back, has seen the ugliness and experienced the darkness. May God continue to Bless you Joe Sabolick as you have Blessed us with your music, guidance and down to earth presence.

    Glory be to God!!

  2. avatar Peggierod says:

    Thats beautiful..

  3. avatar mary higgins says:

    Yes, Joe Sabolick has been given a gift to write beautiful music. And yes, many people are blessed by his music – which is huge. Joe is a little too self-promoting for me. He’s always wanting the spotlight, wanting people to notice him and then when they do he’ll say “oh glory to God”…seems so phony to me and I’m soooo sick of self-promoting people like this….especially when it’s done in Jesus’ name…Just sayin’..

  4. avatar Radioboy says:

    The story is uplifting. And Joe’s music really does make you feel better.

  5. avatar ArtC says:

    Joe’s message is a great message of hope. Our hope is in Jesus Christ. Life is worth living in Christ.

  6. avatar Gary Langham says:

    I’ve known Joe since he was in high school. He is what he appears to be: down to earth and genuine.

  7. avatar Thermalmd says:

    Joe has been given a gift from above! By being obedient to the Lord and utilizing the gift the Lord has provided the kingdom of believers and non believers are truly blessed. Thank you for all you do! Be blessed today and all days!

  8. avatar Nadine Shea says:

    Joe truly is an amazing person that God’s used as His tool over and over again. His music uplifts and encourages (I’ve been listening to it a bit obsessively the past several days). Not only that, but his personality is so genuine and forever positive you can’t help but see God in him!

  9. avatar Renee says:

    Joe is truly a gifted musician and an amazing writer. His music makes you walk away singing the words all day. He is able to touch many lives through his worship. My son got married and I needed someone to do the worship, he did an amazing job and was there for the wedding is such a short notice. He blessed my whole family. Thanks Joe for you support!!!!!

  10. avatar Ken Munds says:

    I have known Joe for a few years now, and I’m proud to know him as my friend. Your article is right on and finally Joe gets a story that has long been overdue. His song, “Come Just As You Are” helped change my life. I will continue to support him as a friend and brother in Christ.

  11. avatar Lauren says:

    Amazing, Wonderful way in which Joe delivers the Lords message.

  12. avatar Victoria Agajanian says:

    Joe,a friend I cherious. An amazing and gifted musician and writer. A heart as big
    As the world. He’d give the shirt off his back, and puts his music in mind all day long. A blessed man.

  13. avatar Mbhodge says:

    That’s a great story! Joe’s music is really cool too!

  14. avatar Bridgetsisco1 says:

    The article was very uplifting and encouraging. I’m going to iTunes and downloading some of his songs!!!

  15. avatar Frank Montenegro says:

    If you’re looking for a shining example of what it means to never give in, or give up, Joe Sabolick is that example. To meet Him, you would never know that he’s been to the “school of hard knocks” several times. That’s because this guys faith is unstoppable. When most people look at a problem and want to give up, Joe is already dreaming up an inspired solution to it. He has a knack for looking on the bright side of life, and spreading that perspective to everyone around Him. His command of scripture, his incredible musical ability, his zeal for life, and his love for humanity, all add up to an unbeatable combination. This is a guy you want in your corner. How much does God love me, to give me a friend like Joe Sabolick. Your church, organization, or business, will benefit greatly from a relationship with this man

    Frank Montenegro
    Founder Voices Of Honor Agency

  16. avatar Stacey says:

    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing it.

  17. avatar Salo Gonzalez says:

    Everything will pass away but only one thing will remain for eternity and that is God’s word. Joe’s life and songs will last forever just because they are God’s word all over! It is an honor and blessing to know him and for him to let me play drums with him!
    To God be the glory!

  18. avatar G. Robert Lee says:

    Whenever good music promotes true hope leading to true faith, it has true value. I consider much of Joe’s music “art from the heart that can give a new start” !!

  19. avatar Skip Joannes says:

    Joe is an outstanding guy as well as a talented musician. His music is uplifting and he is always doing his best to encourage the people he meets. Joe sets a good example of being a Christian to everyone he come in contact with. I’m proud to work with Joe and consider him one of my friends. WAY TO GO, JOE!!
    Skip Joannes

  20. avatar LJo says:

    Joe and his songs are so uplifting, reminding us God is in control. I am so thankful for the encouraging lyrics. Thanks for always making us smile!

  21. avatar Anonymous says:

    You are spot on with Joe ….knowing him for last last few years has been encouraging and has led to a resurgence of passion for the life God has promised me and anyone else who will take hold of it!! God bless you Joe and all you do!! .. Roni

  22. avatar Pastor Rog says:

    Joe speaks from true experience about “getting back up” after being knocked down pretty hard. Thanks Joe, for your encouragement through song and through your living example.

  23. avatar Sylvia Walnum says:

    Joe and his music are a blessing to everyone…

  24. avatar Janet Cobb says:

    I love his music 🙂 Always encourages me in my relationship with God.

  25. avatar Wyatt says:

    True Story. Joe Sabolick has always been an encouraging inspiration to me. Love that guy 😉

  26. avatar Silver91941 says:

    Joe Sabolick is a wonderful person with many wonderful gifts. His music is uplifting and he always gives a message of encouragement and hope… <3

  27. avatar GCE says:

    Do you know the real Joe? I do, I will say that it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen him but as far as my opinion about Joe goes it matters not. You have heard it asked can a Leopard change it’s spots? That where my comment about the distant time about Joe comes into to play. I met Joe thru my brother back in 1983, both were gifted musicians. My brother struggle thru life but Joe was always there for him when he needed a friend. Same for me. I was at the point in time when it was literally do or die and I needed to change my ways. I lived well below the poverty level but somehow managed to live off a a couple of bucks a day. Joe saw that and did something about it. Have gave me work. He really didn’t need me but taught me how to paint homes so I could have food on the table. Being the creative guy that he is, he was selling used cars at that time as well. He put me to work detailing them. Now I had enough money to buy clothes and food. I ended up working for Joe from time to time for many years and never forgot his generosity. He was a good example for me in many respects. What can I say, guys like Joe are few and far in between. Let me sum it up with some familiar words.
    When I was hungry he fed me. When I was thirsty he gave me drink. And when I was a stranger he gave me a job. Those were the most difficult times of my life and Joe was there for me. Does a Leopard change it’s spots? I’m confident he’s doing the same thing for someone else as I write this.

  28. avatar Crystal says:

    This is rad! I love his music, just downloaded some of his new stuff!

  29. avatar Jan Guzik says:

    Joe’s music shows his love for his Savior is real.

  30. avatar stayfocused4him says:

    What a blessing to be brought into the presence of the Lord through the music that Joe writes and sings. Praying he continues to bring God glory in all that he does.

  31. avatar BrendaPS103 says:

    I have appreciated Joe’s ability to “take time out” at busy times, or even when he is with important people, to acknowledge a friend or accquaintance. He may not have more than half a minute, but he will pause, and for what brief moment he can spare, it’s yours!

  32. avatar Lisa Marie Farfalla says:

    There is a lot of music that is encouraging and uplifting, but Joe has the ability to bring you into the presence of God, through his music.

    I’ve been listening to Joe’s Reign CD for years, even today it is in my car stereo. It takes me to that place of reverence for God and a place of healing in my soul. Yes, he is a gifted singer/songwriter and an amazing preacher, but most of all he has a BEAUTIFUL heart.

    I am so PROUD of him!!!

    Thank you Joe for not giving up and blessing the rest of us by sharing your gifts and talents with the world! I love you!!!

  33. avatar Erin Kieffer says:

    I really appreciate all of the beautiful songs Joe has written. I’m so blessed when people are gifted by God and give back to Him by honoring Him with their lives. Joe is one of those people. I hope he continues to write many more songs that honor the Lord.

  34. avatar Funjewels4u says:

    Joe loves to show God’s Love for His people !!! His music is a true inspiration of worship, love, hope, and faith !! My all time favorite album is “Reign” and we just went to The Harvest Crusade in OC last weekend & I have to say to hear Crystal Lewis sing his song “Come Just As You Are” brought tears to my eyes !! God has Blessed him with the gift of song writing & if you’ve ever heard him preach, he is amazing !!! I love that he would back everything up with scripture after scripture, it’s like having a little bit of Heaven here on Earth !!! Thanks you God for all that you do & for sharing Joe with us !!!

  35. avatar Jason Skiles says:

    Yes it’s ALL true! Joe is an amazing man! I am now a personal friend of his, but haven’t known him for to long. Right away he was willing to help me in ways most others would not! He really cares about my situation and circumstance’s and took action and made things happen for me so that i can move forward with my plans and calling in life! I personally have never experienced such a person not only willing to listen but, really help! Im blessed to know him and am excited about all his new upcoming music! I have heard it and it ROCKS!!! Look out world!

  36. avatar Anonymous says:

    Yes Joe is an amazing man! I have the privilege of being one of his friends. I remember when i first met him and was telling him in conversation about my situation and plans and he immediately took action to help me. He caught me off guard because iv never met anyone so willing to listen and do something about it so unselfishly! His music ROCKS!!! I am excited about all his new music coming soon!

  37. avatar Ro Tarantino says:

    Great article! Joe uses his wonderful gifts and talents to glorify the Lord and is obedient to help bring others into the heart of worship. It was a blessing and great fun to be a part of his worship team for a time, as I know it is for others who come under his leadership. A true man of faith who’s life shines by example.

  38. avatar Pastorhfort says:

    While other Pastors are fighting for the title of Bishop, Joseph Allan Sabolick remains a brother. Joe’s ability to give stretches beyond the average person understanding. Some would interpret this as a weakness, but really it’s God at His best in the life of Joe.

    Joe is a skilled and rare musician and song writer. His music is timeless, moving and soul searching. Joe’s ability to merge words and music in a marriage that changes the lives of people is beyond human explanation, yet he does it time and time again.

    The bigger the storm, the deeper the valley, the higher the mountain, the greater the attack, the more public the misunderstanding the better Joe writes, the more moving the music and convicting the sermons. Only a few men are used of God on this level. And, we must never forget as gifted as a musician Joe is, he is more gifted as a Preacher. Joe’s Song writing ability is an overflow of his preaching and teaching gift.

    Take ten of the greatest Preachers in the country and role them into one, Joe would out shine them in honor and out distant them in glory.

    Out of all Joe has been through, he’s just now getting ready to be used of God in a way that only comes from suffering.

    Harry Fort

  39. avatar Animalschoice says:

    We’ve been lucky to hear Joe’s music. And the story is right on. We kept coming back to the Church because the music was so goo. If you haven’t heard Joe’s music yet either go to itunes right now and down load a song right now or stop by Mission Valley Christian Fellowship Sunday and see for your self. You’ll be glad you did

  40. avatar Animalschoice says:

    The story is right. We’ve heard Joe’s music & it’s great! We kept coming back to the church because the music is just so good. If you haven’t heard the music yet do yourself a favor and download something from itunes right now or come to MVCF this Sunday

  41. avatar Kfulton says:

    The only thing better than Joe’s music is Joe Sabolick the person. I’m lucky to call him my friend and proud to know him. He is one of the best song writers of our generation. Be sure to watch KUSI – TV on Sept 10th when Joe will debut his worldwide release of All Gave Some & Some Gave All.

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