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It has been over a month now since we have been forced to be closed due to CV19. It takes about six solid weeks of effort to develop a sustainable habit. Yet, the loss of said habit is much faster when you end the habit abruptly, given the hand the pandemic dealt to us all. Most, if not all of you, have lost your workout outlet, and some of you have given in and given up entirely. The poor food choices are easier and the alcohol to dampen the blow is more in vogue. But it doesn’t have to be. Many of us are using the time to focus even more on our fitness and wellbeing. Are you the latter, or the former?

At this writing, it appears to that we are in for several more weeks, if not a couple of months, of further restrictions on our lives as we once knew it. We can sit idle and wait, hoping we can make a big comeback, not gain too much weight, or not get sick. Or, we can take control and do something about it. A fit person eats better, sleeps better and makes better nutrition choices, is on less meds, has a lower BMI, and better overall health, all of which fight diseases. Why would you NOT want that outcome?

With Virtual Training we bring the preprogrammed fitness session to you. Pre-planned sessions are designed to fit your needs, your goals, your ability, and your schedule. The first session is all about set-up, in home or office location, camera angles, and equipment you have on hand. You will be surprised at the things you have at home that we can use to build sessions.

Are you afraid that the value of your time won’t be worth it? With virtual training, you can give one session a try. If you don’t like it, it’s on us. Here are testimonials from just a few of our participants here in Mission Hills, people you may know.

Sue (client since June 2019, with 18 virtual training sessions under her belt at end of day, April 24, 2020):

“A big shout out and thank you to Vincent at Fitness Together Mission Hills. The virtual training has been so helpful during this difficult time. Although I miss going to the studio and seeing everyone, working out on Face Time with Vincent in my own home has been keeping me physically and mentally on track.”

Anne (client since June 2017, with eight virtual training sessions under her belt at end of day, April 24, 2020):

“I do appreciate the fact that I am exercising again.  Anything that feels even slightly normal is welcome!”

David (client since March 2020, with 18 virtual training sessions under his belt at end of day, April 24, 2020):

“I wasn’t sure how training at home would work, but a willingness to say, ‘I’ll give it a try,’ has shown me it provides a challenge in creative ways that are engaging and leave me sore. All it took was creating a bit of physical space, but more importantly, the head space to jump in and commit. It has given me some regularity to my week, the opportunity to continue working out, and a chance to make progress toward my goals…all while still breaking a sweat!”

Alex (client since December 2019, with 18 virtual training sessions under her belt at end of day, April 24, 2020):

“I was incredibly nervous about the progress that I’d made up to this point going to waste once the quarantine hit. But I’ve been so excited to see that I’m actually continuing to get stronger and more toned while doing our virtual workouts. I have been sore after every session and feel like I’m burning just as many calories in my office as I was in the studio before!”

Greg (client since June 2017, with 17 virtual training sessions under his belt at end of day, April 24, 2020):

“Working out with online coaching allows me to do the three things that were important to me when I started with Fitness Together: be accountable to someone else, enjoy variety in my the types of exercises I do, and to have someone continue to challenge me to move closer to my goals. I don’t use a lot of stuff. I have some water bottles, a yoga mat, a broom handle, some folded towels. Yet I’m able to continue to make progress with Blake, when I’m sure I would lose ground if I tried to do this on my own. The virtual coaching is not a big obstacle. I encourage other people to try it; I think you’ll be happy with the workouts.”

We are very proud of our community for living out the “improvise, adapt, and overcome” mentality. There is no reason to not take advantage of virtual training. It’s effective, challenging and fun.

One of the greatest moments in life is realizing that two weeks ago, your body couldn’t do what it just did.

Fitness Together Mission Hills Opened in October of 2007 providing exclusive one on one private, age based, ability appropriate fitness training in an appointment only private on-site suite setting or virtually. Fitness and Nutrition programs are customized for all ages. See what others are saying about us on YELP and Listen 360.

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