San Diego’s Party Hats Entertainment Pivots for Covid

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(San Diego, CA) When the COVID-19 pandemic essentially shut down the country three months ago, many businesses struggled to find their footing. Some decided to hunker down and wait things out, while some, regrettably, closed their doors forever. However, some businesses pivoted to find new ways to reach customers and clients, taking advantage of the growth of technology to reach new markets. One such company is a unique San Diego-based entertainment company known as Party Hats Entertainment.

For more than two decades Party Hats Entertainment, created by Fiona and Stephen Markowitz, has provided a one-of-a-kind activity for major corporate events for companies such as Google, Disney and BMW. Working with corporate event planners, the Markowitzes would develop a theme and then set up a hat creation zone experience. Guests would be invited to decorate hats using a wide variety of accessories and decorations, with Fiona and her team providing assistance and ideas. 

Unfortunately, lockdowns and stay-at-home orders effectively ended corporate events, requiring Party Hats to find ways to reach a new market. The answer? Party Hats in a Box.

Guests decorate their own Party Hats at Home and then connect online to share the fun.

Understanding that families would still want ways to celebrate milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries, Fiona and Stephen developed the idea of a virtual hat experience. Taking advantage of the new darling of the internet, Zoom, families can order their Party Hats in a Box experience. With a Party Hats in a Box Party, each household receives a box filled with hats, accessories, and all the supplies needed to decorate and personalize the hats to match the creative personalities of each person. At a scheduled online event, Fiona or another skilled Party Hats event artist leads families through a virtual fashion show with fun activities and games.

“Families are struggling to deal with being apart when birthdays and other special days happen,” explains Fiona Markowitz. “Our goal is to give these families a way to connect with the people they love during this time of social distancing. Each household gets a Party Box filled with everything they need to decorate and customize their hats. We even include hot glue guns and instructions.”

Zoom Still Captured from a Virtual Party Hats Party.

“People have been enjoying our Party Hats activation at major events for years, so why not send the event to homes?” says Stephen Markowitz. “With the Party Hats in a Box, families can ‘sequester in style.’ We’ve already seen it bring smiles to families and friends around the country. One of our most recent virtual events was a group of therapy dog owners who celebrated with their pets on camera.”

While virtual gatherings will never take the place of in-person celebrations, Fiona and Stephen Markowitz believe that the Virtual Party Hats Party can fill a seriously needed niche during the current pandemic. They also think the idea has a longer life than the virus, as families find themselves separated because of jobs, retirement, school and other normal life changes. One thing that will never go out of style is connecting with the ones we care most about.

More information about Party Hats Entertainment and Party Hats in a Box can be found on the company’s website at

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