The Fleet Science Center Hosts Full-Day Winter Science Camps

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Students get to create, tinker and learn what determines movement with various devices.

This holiday season, the options to help parents keep their kids active and learning during the winter school break. The Fleet’s full-day Winter Science Camps begin on Wednesday, December 26, and are available each weekday through Friday, January 4 (except Tuesday, January 1). The camps take place at the Fleet Science Center and feature fun and educational hands-on activities.Campers can participate in just one day or sign up for multiple days.

The curriculum for the science camps for grades first through third incorporates important skills using science, technology, engineering and math. Camp attendees will learn about magic and illusion as they make color-changing potions and observe the fascinating nature of dry ice. They will also explore the basics of chemistry through colorful activities, learn how explosive volcanoes can be and discover what it takes to be an engineer through construction challenges.

For grades fourth through sixth, the Fleet partners with ThoughtSTEM to offer Computer Science and Programming Camps. Each day, future programmers will learn how to create different elements of a 2D video game, using features of the popular game Fortnite. However, our version of Fortnite is a bit more wholesome-characters in the game play with paintball guns! Campers will also design and code different power-ups for characters to collect in a Fortnite-style game. ThoughtSTEM engages students in computer programming through fun and interactive programming environments that allow students to be creative and work collaboratively.

Camps run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays from December 26 through January 4. Campers can sign up for a single day or enroll for multiple days of fun! For the Fleet Winter Camps, grades 1-3, prices are $60 per day for Fleet members and $65 per day for nonmembers. For the Computer Science and Technology Camp, grades 4-6, prices are $70 per day for Fleet members and $75 per day for nonmembers.

A full list of Winter Science Camp activities is included below. More information can also be found on the Fleet website at

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