BUILDING SOCIAL CAPITAL: Social Networking Offline & Online Workshop FREE!

Wed. February 8, 6-9 p.m.

Cosmopolitan Hotel 2620 Calhoun Street San Diego, CA
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  • Master Your Elevator Pitch
  • Build Social Capital
  • Build Social Media
  • Twittter, Facebook, Linkedin Youtube & Email Marketing



Social media may be the buzz, but building SOCIAL CAPITAL is your real goal. Who you surround yourself is your future, and your online network grows so does your reputation. Learn from MEDIA, BUSINESS & LANGUAGE EXPERTS.

  • Kevin Fulton, KUSI TV Producer, Radio Producer,

  • Patty Ducey-Brooks, Presidio Communications, PR, Video Producer

  • Fran Cannon,  MBA ACM Cannon Training

  • David Kamatoy, Entertainer, Entrepreneur, founder Kamatoy Media Group

  • Ron Fender, NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Dear Readers,

We invite you to join us for an incredible night of networking and brainstorming. In the age of social media every company, every person should be concerned about there online reputation. However the core of online is offline,  how you present you, yourself, your business in person.

Taking that to the next level, let’s imagine you have the opportunity on a TV or radio interview to talk about yourself or your business…are you ready?

In this workshop we will discuss some of the basic elements of building social capital in this age of social media. Talk through the elements & social sites that you should be working with. Finally we intend to workshop your elevator pitch (30-60 seconds) with the help of the panel of experts above.

We will be providing some appetizers however drinks are you you. Chef Andre wants to show off a bit, by the way. Networking will continue after the event in the beautiful surroundings of The Cosmopolitan Hotel & Restaurant.

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Even though this event is FREE we would ask you to register online and opt-into our email list, we need a head count for the hotel. Additionally you will be entered into the Staycation giveaway and one of the featured hotels is The Cosmopolitan.

Please contact us with any questions at 619-573-9456.

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