“Anxious Nation” Released at the Coronado Island Festival

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Supermodel turned super mogul Kathy Ireland, Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker Vanessa Roth and 21-time New York Times bestselling author Laura Morton presented the world premiere of their documentary, “Anxious Nation,” which took place this past month at the Coronado Island Film Festival. 

What sets this film apart?  This film is not celebrity focused by design. While there are a lot of films focusing on celebrities and their journey with mental health, the real heroes in this fight are the families facing these challenges every day with no resources, access or financial support to meet their needs.  This film is about everyday kids and families dealing with anxiety – kids and families from different socio-economic representations.  

Vanessa Roth has garnered over 60 awards including the Academy Award, the Television Academy Emmy Award, and awards at Sundance and festivals worldwide. Vanessa didn’t want to make this film, as it hit too close to home for her.  Roth has children who suffer from mental health problems.  After Covid, it became apparent to her that not being a part of this film was no longer an option.  

Co-director Laura Morton, the author of 21 New York Times bestselling books, made her feature directing debut with “Anxious Nation.”  Her daughter Sevey is the inspiration behind the film.  Sevey has suffered from anxiety since she was a baby, with Laura feeling defeated as a parent and not understanding why her daughter wasn’t getting any better.  This led her to wonder, if she was struggling, how were other families dealing and coping with the mental health of their children.  As she says, “Anxiety does not discriminate.  It impacts the lives of everyone regardless of race, religion, social status, or political affiliation.” 

Kathy Ireland felt “Anxious Nation was so important that she and her production company have partnered with the film to help raise awareness of the film and its message.

This film features some of the best experts in this field, including: 

  • Dr. Shefali – Oprah’s All Things Parenting, Super Soul Sunday 
  • Tim Storey – Super Soul Sunday 
  • Harold Koplewicz – Founder of the Child Mind Institute 
  • Lynn Lyons – speaker, author of “The Anxiety Audit”
  • Jeff Zeig – Erickson Institute, Founder of Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference 

To learn more, visit www.anxiousnation.com.

Production still from “Anxious Nation.” Photo courtesy of Steve Purcell.

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