Chevron Station Drastically Slashed Gas Prices to Help Struggling San Diego Families

| December 3, 2022 | 0 Comments

It is no secret that inflation has hit energy prices particularly hard, and thousands of San Diego families are struggling to put both gas in their cars and food on the table. In recognizing this issue and the need for action, Lake Murray Chevron Owner David Hallak announced that for a limited time only, he would slash gas prices for a three-day period to help San Diego families ease the burden of out-of-control fuel costs this holiday season.  

“Lake Murray Chevron is proud to demonstrate its commitment to the community this holiday season with this temporary reduction in prices. Our hope is that this will provide much-needed relief for families struggling with the high cost of fuel to help make their holiday season a bit more comfortable,” offered David Hallak, owner, Lake Murray Chevron.

To serve and better the San Diego community, Lake Murray Chevron, located at 5600 Baltimore Drive in La Mesa, provided struggling families with much-needed price relief at the pump this holiday season. 87 Octane Gas was available for $3.99/gallon (cash price) or $4.19 (credit card price).

Lake Murray Chevron has provided gas cost relief during the holidays.

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