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It’s Bad for All San Diegans

The issue of lifting the 30′ coastal height limit from the north end of the airport up to Interstate 8 is back on the ballot.

In August 2020, San Diego city council placed on the ballot the measure to lift the 30′ height limit. Save Our Access spoke in opposition, stating that the city had not done an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) as required by law. That gave us standing to sue the city. When they went ahead, Save Our Access sued.

In December 2021, the judge in the case sided with Save Our Access and said the city needed to do an EIR. In addition, the judge specified that the EIR needed to study specific issues.

The city then appealed the case. Then they submitted an incomplete and fast tracked supplemental EIR. Instead of following the judge’s direction, they only studied the height issues.

Save Our Access is concerned about how many people the city plans to cram in the area and the impact it would have on beach and freeway traffic. In the city’s desired plans for the 76-acre NAVWAR site, the density is greater than Manhattan. If that density happened over the entire area, the population increase would be between 150,000 and 200,000. With both the state and city creating laws to upzone, a beach and freeway clogging forest of high-rises would be disastrous.

At the beginning of August, the city again placed the height limit on the November ballot. Save Our Access again commented on this action and is bringing legal action contesting the city’s decision to move forward with an incomplete EIR which did not even cover all the points the judge laid out.

Save Our Access sees retaining the 700 acres of historic public land in this area for creation of a bay-to-bay Veterans Sports Park as optimal use of the land we own. This would increase coast and beach access. We see that the city’s plans to use all the public land to create a high-rise mega city barricade would keep people from reaching and enjoying coastal parks and beaches.

Save Our Access is an all-volunteer 501c3 non-profit dedicated to increasing the public’s access to and enjoyment of San Diego’s coastal communities.

Measure “C” will create a wall of buildings restricting access to the coastal communities for all San Diegans, especially those residing east of I-5.

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