Measure C – Exclude the Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan Area from the 30-Foot Height Limit on Buildings in the Coastal Zone

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Sierra Club believes that urban infill projects should be supported when they follow smart planning principles, consider environmental impacts, provide needed public facilities, including parks and open space, and provide a healthful living environment.  Removing the Coastal Height Limit in the Midway- Pacific Highway Community Plan area, as proposed in Measure C, fails to meet all those criteria.

Measure C, and the massive, proposed development project that the ballot measure intends to allow, does not include a full Environmental Impact analysis that the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) demands.

The Midway-Pacific Highway community has a park deficit of 60%. People need parks and the city’s plan for the Midway community is woefully short on parks.

Midway can be redeveloped without repealing the 30-foot height limit.  A good example is Liberty Station that offers many housing units less than 30 ft in height.

While development is currently only planned for the 48.5 acres of the Sports Arena site, the height limit would be eliminated in the entire Midway – Pacific Highway Community Plan area which is comprised of 1,324 acres. There is no demonstrated need to lift the height limit in the entire Community Plan area which is 27 times as much land as the Sports Arena site. 

Measure C is being used as a sleight of hand to raise the height limit for future development with no environmental analysis.

Vote NO on Measure C

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