From 92 to 123 Dogs Rescued

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Adorable Yorkies are going through a transitioning process to ensure their wellbeing.

Adorable Yorkies are going through a transitioning process to ensure their wellbeing.

Last month, the San Diego Humane Society became part of a life-saving journey to rescue 92 Yorkies from a residence in San Diego County. Now the number of dogs rescued has grown to 123 (114 dogs and nine puppies).

According to the San Diego Humane Society, it is not unusual for hoarders to hide animals or move them to other locations in a desperate attempt to hold onto something they love. Humane Law Enforcement Officers were able to convince the elderly couple involved to sign legal custody of the additional dogs and some puppies over to the San Diego Humane Society.

Finding the balance between compassion and justice can be difficult in a hoarding case. The first priority of the San Diego Humane Society is to rescue the animals in distress and to also recognize that a situation like the #92Yorkies rescue involves humans who make choices that most of us can’t understand. Social services and medical professionals refer to hoarding cases as manifestations of mental illness.

San Diego Humane Society officials have stated that they are not mental health professionals, yet, their teams work closely with social service agencies that are prepared to assist in situations such as the current Yorkie hoarding case. As first responders, the state-certified Humane Law Enforcement officers undergo extensive training on everything from animal welfare laws to crisis and disaster training to collaboration with social service agencies to help when a situation requires a sympathetic approach.

Although the San Diego Humane Society officials can’t elaborate fully on the details of this case due to the on-going investigation or speak to the motivations of the actions, they are working very hard to handle this case with sensitivity and compassion.

San Diego Humane Society’s professional veterinary medical team has examined the dogs for issues associated with animals living in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions and treated them accordingly. All the Yorkies have been evaluated medically and behaviorally, and they have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, groomed and received some dental care. Now more than 80 of these dogs are ready to find new homes.

Due to the high volume of interest, San Diego Humane Society is now accepting applications to adopt these dogs. Interested adopters can submit an adoption application starting today through noon, Saturday, February 4. All applications will be reviewed and, of those approved, adopters will be selected via lottery. Adopters will be contacted individually to schedule appointments to complete the adoption. By doing this, we can ensure applicants have equal opportunity to adopt the Yorkies, make the whole adoption process better for interested adopters, and most importantly, we can avoid overwhelming the dogs.

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