Abandoned “$1,000 Dog” Adopted Parker Home for the Holidays, Recovering from Broken Leg

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Parker, the puppy whose former owner paid $1,000 for her but abandoned her weeks later when she broke her leg, was adopted by a Santee couple Friday .

The husband and wife were picked from a field of 35 applicants who learned about the five-month-old Beagle/Boston Terrier mix through media reports a few weeks ago.

Parker, the product of a suspected out-of-state puppy mill, was shipped to an LA pet store that marketed her as a designer “Boggle” and sold her for $1,000. Purchased by a young San Diego man, the dog broke her leg within a few weeks and her owner could not afford the expensive orthopedic surgery she needed.

He abandoned her at a friend’s house, and the friend’s family member brought the dog to the Department of Animal Services.

Fortunately, Animal Services’ “Spirit Fund,” paid for her surgery. The fund comes solely from public donations and is used to treat otherwise adoptable animals who need specialized veterinary care.

Parker’s leg is healing well, and on Friday, she no longer wore the blue cast she had a couple weeks ago.

Animal Services staff chose the Santee couple to adopt Parker in part because they are eager to care for the dog for a lifetime and can afford to follow-up on her surgery. After interviewing applicants and sharing details about Parker’s personality and needs, staff felt the couple was the best match.

Parker meets his new human companions.

Beside’s highlighting the Spirit Fund, Parker’s story crystallized some troubling trends. The County is seeing an influx of owners giving up their pets because they can’t afford their veterinary care. And people are paying top dollar for mixed-breed and purebred dogs at pet stores while local shelters are full of similar animals.

For anyone ready to care for a pet and looking for a new furry family member, the County shelters are offering an adoption promotion. Right now, any cat, dog or rabbit with any black in their coats can be adopted for just $25.

For information on the Spirit Fund or Animal Services, visit www.sddac.com or call 619-767-2675.

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