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Ayer is a handsome dog who benefitted from the Second Chance Dog Rescue Program.

by Aubree Lynn

To rescue is the act of saving or being saved from danger or distress. My husband and I have found joy in finding causes worth acting upon. Back in November 2012 we decided that being foster parents to dogs in need of being rescued was a worthy cause. We decided to take on this volunteer responsibility when I fell in love with one of the puppies at an adoption event. This little guy, Barkley, and his sister were abandoned and landed in the foster home of a Second Chance volunteer.

Second Chance Dog Rescue is a great organization that saves dogs from being euthanized and keeps them out of shelters and finds foster homes until adoption. This organization is one of San Diego’s largest and most successful non-profits dedicated to saving dogs. When Second Chance receives a dog, regardless of the situation (abandoned, on the street or from a shelter), they provide medical care, including spay and neuter services. They also microchip their dogs, which is such a helpful tool if a dog happens to get lost.

My husband and I have had six dogs and each one has been a different breed, size and personality. The family of our first foster, Ayer, had to give him up because they were moving. We picked him up the same night he was dropped off. He was one of the coolest min pins ever. A month later a couple from Temecula came to meet Ayer. He showed affection toward them and left with his new adoptive parents. Watching this happen brought tears to our eyes. What’s also cool about the program is if you happen to fall in love with your foster dog you’re allowed to become adoptive parents.

Here’s more to share more about the Second Chance foster program: Second Chance pays for all the expenses of the dog. You get to dictate what size and type of dog you want to foster. If for some reason it doesn’t work out, you are able to take the dog back and wait for a new one that better fits your situation. There are adoption events weekly at different Petco Stores around San Diego County. So if you love dogs and are ready to foster or adopt, go to this site and like them on Facebook:

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