Giant Panda Xiao Liwu Turns Six

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Xiao Liwu opens one of his many papier-måché lanterns during his birthday celebration.

Giant panda Xiao Liwu (pronounced “sshyaoww lee woo”) turned six-years old this past month, and the San Diego Zoo held a “Super Hero for Wildlife” conservation-themed birthday celebration to honor the much-visited white-and-black bear. Zoo guests and animal care staff packed the Barlin-Kahn Family Panda Trek and watched as Xiao Liwu—also known as “Mr. Wu” to his keepers and fans—walked into his habitat and enjoyed a multitude of special birthday items and decorations, including panda party bags filled with his favorite treats, stuffed burlap pillows and six bamboo-bread cupcakes.

Volunteers also created papier-måché lanterns with conservation messaging printed on the front, as a reminder of how important it is to conserve energy and water, and to help fight species habitat loss and illegal wildlife trade.

Xiao Liwu is the sixth giant panda born at the San Diego Zoo to mother Bai Yun, and the fifth cub fathered by Gao Gao. The birthday gifts he received are part of the enrichment that the young bear gets on a regular basis to keep him active and stimulated, and to encourage natural behaviors like foraging.

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