Pooch Hotel’s Summer Get Fit Camp

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As swimsuit season approaches, fitness routines are being taken up a notch and dogs are getting in on the action too with Pooch Hotel’s Summer Get Fit Camp. It may seem a bit outlandish, however, there truly is a need, as humans aren’t the only ones to fall victim to “The Obesity Crisis in America” – over 50 percent of dogs are overweight and one-fifth are obese. Being healthy also means having a sound body AND mind. Pooch Hotel’s Get Fit Camp is great for pets of all fitness levels because it incorporates elements like pool time, treadmill workouts and one-on-one playtime coupled with the relaxing benefits of a post workout rub down and aromatherapy that help keep a dog not only physically fit, but mentally stimulated, socially engaged and emotionally happy.

The 20-day fit camp runs through July 31. Before a dog can participate, pet parents must take the Healthy Pooch Self Assessment to determine what fitness routine is best for their pet. Once this is completed, pet parents can choose two fitness activities to add onto doggy daycare, which already incorporates plenty of social interaction and play time.

Pooch Hotel associates will track participant activity on the Get Fit board in the hotel lobby so pet parents can stay abreast of progress. Before beginning a new workout regimen, speak with a veterinarian to determine the type and amount of activity that is appropriate.

To learn about times, locations and costs, visit www.poochhotel.com.


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