Puppy that survives serious fall goes home

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by Melissa Phy, County of San Diego Communications Office

She may have been 100 feet down a ravine a couple weeks ago, but this two-and-a-half-month-old puppy is now living happily in the foothills of LA County with her new family, including two young girls, a dog and a cat.

The German shepherd, rescued by a San Diego County Animal Control officer who rappelled into a ravine, was adopted by veterinarian Annie Blea and her loving family.

“We saw the story on her and there was just something about her. She called out to me a little bit,” said Blea. “I have been part of animal rescues – I was impressed with the gal who rappelled down. It was great on her part!”

So Blea started mulling. One thing led to another and her supportive husband told her to go visit the dog, which was waiting patiently for a new family at the County’s animal care facility in Carlsbad.
So she and her two girls, Faith and Abby, did.

“She’s just very special – she had a look about her and the way she acted for a puppy that had been on the side of a cliff? I thought she was amazing,” Blea recalled.

They applied to adopt the puppy and were chosen from a pool of applicants as her new family.

“I told the girls she’s going to have a great home regardless. Part of me feels guilty that it was us! I hope everyone else finds another pet in that great shelter,” Blea said.

Mille, the dog, is departing for LA to join her new family, including Faith and Abby.

Mille, the dog, is departing for LA to join her new family, including Faith and Abby.

The vet and her family, including her husband who works as a veterinarian for the Del Mar racetrack, have returned to their home in Sierra Madre and say Millie, short for Milagro, (miracle in Spanish) is fitting in seamlessly. She gets along great with their dog and cat, and the girls have been very attentive to the adopted pet.

“They’re thrilled – just over the moon. It’s their first puppy!”
Blea said she still can’t believe her family was chosen to get Millie.
“I feel very lucky they picked us,” she said. “I was very impressed with that shelter – the facilities were really great.”

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