Reminding Ourselves to be Grateful & Thankful

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Due mostly to the pandemic, many of us would say that the circumstances of the last two years have challenged us beyond our expectations. We have had to deal with some extreme blows to our personal and professional lives.  Most of us haven’t been able to visit with family, nor meet in person with our business associates. Social and digital media, unfortunately, hasn’t helped to create an ideal connection. 

With that in mind, some of us are back to traveling on business and are grateful to see in person the people who we do business with.  That isn’t to say there haven’t been some snags getting back to live meetings and events.  

The past two months I attended several meetings and events: two in Orlando, Florida; one in Chicago, Illinois; and one in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Every person I spoke with (and there were many), offered similar introductions, “It’s good to see you in person.” 

Though I admit I had some reservations about traveling and being among a large crowd of people, I quickly realized how the restrictions over the last two years has really impacted us.  We are social beings who need to interact in person. 

Yet, I also know that we are not going to smoothly get back to pre-pandemic activities without a lot of effort on our part.  Some of us are having to retrain ourselves on these activities and procedures that used to be “second nature.” Organizing, packing, traveling, preparing for live trade shows and business meetings is now more challenging. Being away from this activity for almost two years, you lose the rhythm. 

Despite the extra challenges this past couple of months, what has come easily is reconnecting with close business associates that have become a part of my extended family.  We missed seeing each other and sharing in person our work and personal challenges. We shared lots of stories and got to catch up on our lives over the past two years. 

For that reason alone, I feel blessed, grateful, and thankful to be able to be back doing live events and meetings. I’ve missed my colleagues and the live dialogue, talking about our mutual businesses and the challenges and opportunities that we face.  

I also missed meeting people who I regard as exceptional human beings.  These are entrepreneurs who make the world so much more rewarding and plentiful. During the last show I attended I met some entrepreneurs who impacted me with stories of their challenges, successes, and future expectations. One of them is a 16-year-old named Carson who created a product for the paint industry.  He is an unbelievable young man who saw an opportunity, and a need, and used his creative instincts to get on “Shark Tank.”  I can definitely see why his product was selected for funding. His enthusiastic attitude and professionalism were truly impressive, and I can’t wait to learn about his continued success.   

Then there was another couple who were hired to promote a product at the show. Lisa Varmboi Martonovich and her husband, Eric Martonovich, operate an entertainment business in Las Vegas that is beyond unique.  It’s called Gladius The Show, and it incorporates horsemanship with acrobatics.  All of the entertainers are extremely athletic with impressive aerialist skills.  Lisa said she started with competitive vaulting when she was a teen in Norway.  And, her husband, Eric, also started at a young age while living in Colorado.  Gladius The Show is loosely based on mythology and Gladiators, featuring 15 performers and 22 horses.  It is comprised of original acts never before attempted. Recently, they started working with a producer to turn their adventure into a reality show. They are truly passionate about their profession and what they have accomplished as entrepreneurs and performers. 

Had I not pushed myself out of my comfort zone, had I not gone to the show, I would not have been given the chance to learn of these amazing people…and be inspired.  

As we celebrate the season of Thanksgiving, I will be sure to remember the people who I met the past couple of months, and my friends, family and associates who have gifted me with their friendship and love year-round. Happy Thanksgiving.

Lisa Varmboi Martonovich (left) and her husband, Eric Martonovich, perform for Gladius The Show.
Lisa Varmboi Martonovich (left) and her husband, Eric Martonovich, perform for Gladius The Show.

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