The Three Gems Become the Three Sisters

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Betty’s Amber has a new name and lease on life.

The three emaciated mares rescued by County of San Diego Department of Animal Services in October now have more than a new lease on life, they have new names.

Of the three mares, rescued as a group from Spring Valley, only the Thoroughbred had a name, based on her lip tattoo, Order Me Diamonds. First-year sponsors were invited to come forward and name the other two mares.

“A long-time supporter of Horses of Tir Na Nog heard about these three special horses and wanted to help. Two of her sisters passed away this year and she thought it would be a wonderful tribute to their memory to name the horses in their honor. All three sisters were born in the heart of horse-county, Kentucky, and chose professions that led to helping people, nursing and teaching. Since one sister was fair, it was easy to identify our gray mare as Edna Pearl, and given the pearl coloring of her coat, The darker of the sisters was Edith, so we modified Diamond’s name for her to be Edith’s Diamond. That left the third mare, the chestnut, without a name, so we have chosen the name Betty’s Amber for her, in honor of the third sister, our donor.”

Horses of Tir Na Nog is the oldest equine sanctuary in San Diego County and is currently caring for thirty-nine equines. Horses of Tir Na Nog is a charter member of the San Diego Equine Coalition, a group supported by the ASPCA to provide guidance, support, and education for the equine community of San Diego County.

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