Three-month-old Red Panda Cub Named In time for International Red Panda Day

| October 4, 2023 | 0 Comments

In time for International Red Panda Day, the 3-month-old red panda cub at the San Diego Zoo, received her new name. The endangered cub will now be called Pavitra (pronounced pah-vee-tra), which means “sacred” in Nepali. Pavitra was born June 9 to first-time parents Adira and Lucas, and she is the first red panda born at the Zoo since 2006.

Red pandas are listed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species, due to their dwindling global population. They face many threats, including habitat loss and degradation related to increased human encroachment and climate change. San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance collaborates with multiple partners to identify unprotected red panda habitats, train teams to monitor the health of the forest and provide awareness-building workshops in communities in Nepal where red pandas live.

San Diego Zoo guests may be able to catch a glimpse of Pavitra as she explores her outdoor Asian Passage habitat.


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