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What To Do…When You Have Nothing To Do

Look Around. It’s entirely possible that you have kept your favorite teen T-shirts out of …um, history. Devotion. Memories.  Love.  But, forget about it. I’ve already tested this.  Your unappreciative kids may already be plotting, knowing that, unlike us, keeping them won’t provide any enjoyment, use, or profit. Time to donate!

Okay; that’s just T-shirts. I thought I’d begin with something, sadly, obvious.  Seriously, cleaning the rest of your drawers and closets, just to have breathing room.  You might also find something, long-forgotten, that you really, really like (and hope it still fits you)!

It’s time, too, to check your bookshelves.  If you’ve read one more than once, maybe that’s a keeper.  Love. Nostalgia. Admiration.  But, if you’ve never read it, others will, or won’t. But at least that won’t be your problem.

I deleted, gulp, more than 100 emails.  Might lose my friends and relatives if I revealed how many I never read at all.  My computer breathed an audible sigh of relief. 

One or two decades ago, one of the kids gave us a jar of very special soup.  Yes, you read that right.  So, while it didn’t take up much room in the refrigerator, and for all we know, might still be edible (?), it had to go.  The good news was its jar, already in contemporary use.

Remember to say something nice to your colleagues, neighbors, friends, way beyond “have a nice day.”  Take a lesson from Mike Pence, our (gulp) eminent vice-president, who never fails to applaud, laud, all but offer his boss a hymn of (undeserved) praise.   Okay, so it’s kind’ve obsequious, a little deferential, but at least he stands up straight.   I don’t recommend Pence-ing it.  Just take this time – – to be nice. 

Our situation today?  Steve Dinkin, president of the National Conflict Resolution Center, tried to cheer us up – – you know, “maintain a sense of humor … hold a family meeting…,” that kind of stuff, sigh.  He finally concludes with, “If all else fails, turn to the family dog, happy to have you home.” 

Fen enjoys his dog-walking trips in the neighborhood.

That, you might expect, brings me to Mr. Entitled (“Fen”), the little Poodle-Bichon who has yet to pay rent.  Imprisoned at home, we have become thrilled, elated, appreciative to have any excuse for getting out, and dog-walking has become one of the acceptable away-from-home activities.  Wait!  Did Fen start this whole thing?  I always underestimate him.

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