Celebrating 75 Years of Excellence: St. Vincent de Paul School Marks a Milestone Anniversary

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At the corner of Fort Stockton and Ibis Streets sits St. Vincent de Paul School (SVS), this year celebrating 75 years of academic excellence. Since its founding in 1948, the school has been a cornerstone of the Mission Hills community, helping prepare generations of students to make a positive difference in the world.

“Fostering a love for learning and nurturing young minds while building a strong sense of community is what St. Vincent’s is and has always been about.  It’s truly an honor to have a part in continuing this legacy,” said Britni Coito, principal of St. Vincent de Paul School.

Through seven and a half decades, the school’s walls have witnessed excellence in education and a dedicated faculty passionate about planting the seeds of learning that generations of students have used to succeed in high school and beyond.  

The school’s appeal can be seen both in the families who have chosen St. Vincent’s through many generations and in the first-generation families who are drawn by the combination of faith, academic excellence, and leadership development.

“St. Vincent’s is not just a school, it is a family. This community of faith, friendship, and high-quality education is priceless,” reflects Kelly Schick, St. Vincent’s alum and parent to a current St. Vincent’s student.

With a 14-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, St. Vincent School’s highly-trained faculty and staff are able to provide students the attention they need to thrive through an innovative curriculum that prepares students to respect and embrace the world they will help shape. 

“I wanted to send my kids to SVS because of the amazing academic and religious foundation that SVS has always offered,” said Joe Busalacchi, another SVS alum and parent of current students, “The strong community feel that the school provides was also important to me. As a former SVS student, I am still friends and am connected to many of the students and families that I went to school with many years ago.”

Recognizing the inherent dignity and uniqueness of each student, and guided by the principles of their Catholic faith, St. Vincent de Paul School aspires to be an empathetic and compassionate community that embraces the challenges of a diverse world.

“I did a lot of research, visited and toured several schools, including public, charter, and private schools before deciding on St. Vincent’s,” said Sarah Sweeney, parent of a first-generation student. “My first-grader is thriving, and I continue to be impressed with the academics and high standards. I am excited that my younger child got to begin their SVS journey this year, too.”

Beyond the classroom, SVS boasts a wide array of after-school and other learning and community service opportunities, which have constantly evolved with the needs of its students. More than 20 clubs, activities, and sports are available to students, including robotics, coding, after-school sports, music, and visual art.

“SVS instilled in me a sense of responsibility and high expectations that have lasted throughout my later schooling and continue into my current career,” says another alumna and current parent, Megan (O’Dorisio) Nielsen. “I am so impressed with the communication, support, and understanding of the staff and teachers, and couldn’t feel like there was a better place for our family to grow and thrive.”

When asked what the future holds for SVS, Coito said, “We are proud of St. Vincent’s legacy of educating tomorrow’s leaders to value and improve the world they inherit. We look forward to continuing to grow on it for decades to come.” 

Students of Saint Vincent de Paul School stand outside in the courtyard prior to class.

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