Celebration of All Things Science at St. Vincent School’s 5th Annual Science Night!

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St. Vincent School held its Fifth Annual Science Night on March 27, 2019 where students and parents explored a range of scientific principles. Activities were organized at various stations run by parents, high school students and middle school students. Participants explored the science of cooking by super-cooling ice cream and other treats in liquid nitrogen, and watched as water was split into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis. They learned about the carbon cycle and symbiosis between plants and fish and even got to view live, beating heart cells under a microscope. Other demonstrations included Pascal’s Law, Bernoulli’s Principale, potential versus kinetic energy, Newton’s Law of Inertia, a model solar system and a sewing station. Students marveled at a Tesla Coil, created cryptographs and learned about algorithms. Recent STEAM maker festival award-winning robots were on display by Kindergarten and third grade students.

Sister Kathleen, the principal of St Vincent School, applauded the event, “Our students really look forward to Science Night. The event showcases St. Vincent’s science program as well as the talents and creativity of our parent community. The feeling of collaboration and enthusiasm from our youngest to our more mature scientists will leave a trail of unforgettable memories long after the event.”

St. Vincent de Paul School is a K-8 elementary school that provides a challenging, comprehensive, and relevant curriculum for each student. To carry out its mission, St. Vincent de Paul School implements a unique curriculum that blends the San Diego Diocesan Curriculum and the California State Framework with Common Core State Standards and the Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence. These curriculum guidelines are used in conjunction with the School-Wide Learning Expectations in creating purposeful and meaningful methodologies that nurture life-long learning. For more information, visit www.svscatholic.org.

A proud group of St. Vincent de Paul School students and parents participate in the Fifth Annual Science Night.

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