Grant K-8 School Science Olympiad

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2013 Science Olympiad award winner: Crime Busters.

Have skills and a passion for science to share? Come find out how you, too, can coach a Science Olympiad (SO) event and enjoy rewards of mentoring enthusiastic young science seekers.

Friends and members of the Mission Hills Community are invited to join Grant K-8 School for a Science Olympiad Awards picnic at 1 p.m., Sunday, April 14 at Pioneer Park. Rain will postpone this fun gathering. Please RSVP to receive updates. Contact Grant School SO Head Coach, Denise Santoro: GrantSOInfo@, 619-206-2716

Grant K-8 School embraced its 3rd Science Olympiad this season with a growing number of students and expanded teams. Grant students won awards among the top 20 teams for Write It Do It, Crime Busters and Rocks and Minerals! Congratulations to all students and coaches who prepared from October through January to compete on a single day, among 98 teams from 31 middle schools across San Diego County. They cracked crimes, uncovered scientific properties of food, explored electric circuitry and magnetism, built elastic-powered helicopters, designed rotors on devices to protect an egg dropped from over four meters high, converted mousetraps to speedy vehicles, configured Rube Goldberg-like contraptions, identified characteristics of stars and their life cycles, gained knowledge about functions of the human nervous and digestive systems, the basis of heredity and much more.

A stimulating career builder, the Science Olympiad program inspires learning, promotes teamwork, and fosters community, mentorship and fun. Teams are made with up to 15 students, each eligible to enter between one and four events. Students compete in pairs for most of the 23 events offered, covering all areas of science. Coaches and students prepare an average of 1-2 hours per week in each event, leading up to the Olympiad on the first Saturday in February. Volunteer screening is required for coaches. See more event information at

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