High School Students Take First Place

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Clairemont High School students were awarded first place at the Junior Achievement (JA) of San Diego and Imperial Counties’ Titan of Industry Challenge on Thursday, Dec. 13. JA Titan Challenge, a virtual competition designed to test students’ business knowledge and skills, brought together students from Crawford, Patrick Henry and Clairemont High Schools to participate at the annual student competition at the University of Phoenix.

The team name is AOBT Profit Margin from Clairemont High School. From left: Mario Choa, Seth Roffler, Justin Romero and Linda Khounsavart.

At the event, the students acted as chief executive officers of virtual manufacturing corporations. The teams made decisions that effected profitability and sustainability of their companies as they outperformed their competitors in profit, sales and market share. By exercising critical fiscal and managerial decision-making, the students got first-hand experience in the challenges of operating a successful global enterprise.

The winning team, “AOBT Profit Margin,” took first place for the second year in a row. Team from Patrick Henry High School called “Anonymous,” that included a student who competed in the Global JA Titan Competition in Delaware this August, won second place. Team “Black Mambas,” also from Patrick Henry High School, took home third place.

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