Lindbergh’s Goggles Used in Historic Flight

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Rare artifacts added to Museum’s special exhibition

The goggles worn by Charles Lindbergh during his historic flight across the Atlantic in 1927 are now on display at the San Diego Air & Space Museum in honor of the flight’s 85th anniversary. The goggles are now a part of the Museum’s current special exhibition, “How Things Fly,” a fun, hands-on exhibit exploring the forces of flight through four interactive zones.

These goggles and other artifacts are now on display.

In addition to the goggles, other rare and unique artifacts have also been added to the exhibit. This artifacts include Lindbergh’s Medal of Honor, a piece of fabric from the original Wright Flyer and the Red Baron’s medals.

The Museum’s goggles were given to the manager of the Le Bourget aerodrome in Paris, France on May 21, 1927, by Charles Lindbergh in appreciation for concealing him from the huge crowd who came to the landing strip to see “Lucky Lindy’s” airplane land. The goggles were in the manager’s possession until 1979, when, through a lot of investigating, several aviation enthusiasts from San Diego, including members of the Board of Trustees of the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, went to Paris, bought the artifact from the manager of Le Bourget airport, and then donated them to the International Aviation Hall of Fame, which integrated with the Museum in 1980.

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