One of Us In Mission Hills Just Published a Fabulous Book!

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I recently purchased a book because a friend had written it, and, so I had no choice but to read it, at least that’s what I thought. By page nine I was addicted.  No cooking, no snacking, no phone calls, no emails, I sat and read page to page, sometimes laughing out loud and sometimes weeping.  From page one to page 285, I was inspired, amazed, informed and thoroughly entertained.

Old is not what it used to be.  Jean Seley, a longstanding resident of the Green Manor seniors home, just proved it.  At 72 she and her pup, Spencer, climbed aboard her small RV, sleeping above the bed of her truck, and started a two-year journey that could have been boring. However, starting on page nine, my eyes were glued to the book; I was enthralled. 

Seley ignored her doubters; and took her dreams to explore our great country, and departed for places unknown to her.  Each of the many stops she made while traveling were diaried with fabulous descriptions of the sites. Everywhere she made new friends. 

The elixir of the journey is her insights both about the people and the nation.  Of course my favorite part was the New England states where I grew up.  While reading, I was impressed with how she captured both the thrills and the essence of each state. And as she had led her life on this unforgettable journey, no opportunity passed her unappreciated or blind.  And with a very small budget, there were challenges. Yet, she never failed to seek the best advice. Even taking temp jobs along the route. 

Demonstrating the renowned “American Spirit” that has led the United States to so many successes, Seley shares the thrill, adventure and impact of following your heart and dreams.  Do yourself a favor.  Get a copy of “Crone on the Road, a Travel Odysseyby Jean Cartmel Seley and gift yourself a treasure!

Jean Cartmel Seley takes you on an unforgettable journey as she travels the country with her dog, Spencer.

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