Planting of Edible Fruit Trees

| December 28, 2011 | 0 Comments

Students participate in fruit tree planting.

Stretch Island Fruit Co., makers of all-natural fruit snacks, and The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF), an international nonprofit organization dedicated to planting edible fruit trees and plants to benefit communities, introduced their joint program Fruit Tree 101 at Smythe Elementary School and O’Farrell Community School in San Diego this past December.

During the official plantings students planted more than 40 lush fruit trees and shrubs up to seven feet tall that ranged from apples and pears, to berries and citrus fruits.  During the plantings, a ‘Fruit Tree 101’ educator engaged students in a curriculum that highlighted environmental concepts, with a hands-on fruit tree planting workshop.

This national program places fruit tree orchards at schools and educational institutes across the U.S. and provides a platform for San Diego students to learn about healthy eating and caring for the environment.  This new orchard will also serve as an outdoor classroom for students and teachers for years to come.

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