11-year old Hailey Belle Releases CD to Benefit Victims of Child Crimes

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Last year, 11-year old Hailey Belle participated in the Zoe’s Rescue Walk. Later that day, she recorded her first song, which led to “Here I Come,” Belle’s 10-song CD of covers, with the money raised going to the cause. Belle has donated over $300 thus far, a sum that is, as they say “real money!” Zoe’s Children’s Home, a California charity, is committed to caring for orphans and victims of crime and abuse, and also rescues children who are at risk of being sold into slavery – or worse – have already been sold. The organization exists to combat the trafficking of children globally and provide shelters, as well as a loving home to these orphans and children who have been abused or who are at-risk of any crime against them.

“After the walk, and over the next few days,” Belle recalls, “I just couldn’t stop thinking about these poor kids and how helpless I felt. I wanted to do more, but I was only 11 years old and I didn’t have any money. Then my mom pointed out that I did have a talent, and if I could share my talent with others, they might donate money to help these kids.” Hailey’s mom, Nikki, then stepped up to the plate and made the donation of paying for nine more songs to be recorded, produced, and copied. The resulting CD, ‘Here I Come” is a work of love and devotion, and a credit to Belle’s philanthropy, a rarity among kids her age.

At 11 years old, Hailey Belle has a voice that outdistances her tender years by a decade. This isn’t a “kid voice, it’s a trained, modulated and soaring voice that caresses a lyric and fades out a beat like a professional. You can feel the emotion she has for these songs: “The songs that I recorded in the studio are all songs that I love dearly,” says Belle. “My favorite would have to be the Luther Vandross tune, ‘Dance With My Father.’ That song represents my strong relationship with my father and how without him my life would be incomplete. The song really means a lot to me because the whole message is based on how you should cherish every second with your family members because they could be gone without warning.

The songs that I recorded weren’t just because I liked them, but because each song means something to me and I tend to like positive songs with an uplifting message. There’s too much ugliness in the world and music can add to the quality of life and make it better and even move people to make a positive change for the better. “

By purchasing Belle’s CD, you can help this great cause. To listen to sound samples of her songs, and hear her story, go to www.facebook.com/contact.haileybelle To make a donation and reserve your copy of “Here I Come” please click on http://bit.ly/10RJtiU And for more information on Zoe’s Children’s home, see www.ZoeChildren.org.

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