Kayte Grace’s New Release Reveals Crumbling of Music Industry Norms

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Kayte Grace photo courtesy of the Washington Christian Academy Alumni Association.

Kayte Grace photo courtesy of the Washington Christian Academy Alumni Association.

After releasing three albums, two singles and touring the country—all within four years of teaching herself to play guitar—YouTube and Washington Post favorite, alternative “folktry” singer/songwriter Kayte Grace’s five-chapter musical novel. “Set Fire to Separate Lives” is being released over the course of a year to fans who’ll be able to pay what they like for every EP. The 22-song collection, funded by an IndieGoGo campaign and recorded over 50 hours in Brooklyn, traces the anatomy of “forever love” in all of its brilliance, delight and dirty corners. Grace’s music is an explosion of folk, blues, pop and rock, held together by warm-voiced, sing-along-able melodies and rich, resonant lyrics.

Grace breaks three age-old music industry rules with this year-long concept project: the label funded album, the album concept itself and selling music at a fixed price. Grace’s upcoming 5 EP release was crowdfunded on IndieGoGo, the 22 total songs (two albums worth of material) will be released in five “chapters,” one every few months, and the EPs will be “pay what you want.”

In his article, “Stop Making Them Wait & Give Them the Music,” British music writer Tom Satchwell writes, “Release more often and you can work on different EPs which lets you experiment with your music, while giving your fans more to listen to, more to talk about and more to share.”

Grace, who’s been called an “impressive, talented musician” by the Washington Post is the cousin of five-time Grammy Winner, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones bassist Victor Wooten, and has released three albums, two singles and gone on several national tours —all within a few years of first picking up a guitar. She says, of her newest project, “’Chapter 1: Say Yes’ is the soundtrack to the falling-in-love montage that happens a third of the way into romantic comedies. Nothing messy has happened yet.

Grace has also acted professionally for over 15 years, landing roles in national commercials and on TV shows like Law & Order: SVU, Gossip Girl and HBO’s The Wire. Grace’s 4-song EP, “Chapter 1: Say Yes” was released on October 14th and is available for purchase at: www.kaytegracemusic.com and http://kaytegrace.bandcamp.com/album/chapter-1-say-yes

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