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San Diego REPertory Theatre (San Diego REP) in partnership with San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) presents “Zoot Suit,” directed by Kirsten Brandt. This is a new production of the most significant work of Latino drama in American theatre history, by playwright Luis Valdez. “Zoot Suit” is his masterpiece — a muscular mix of historical fact and agitprop fiction. A live orchestra will serve up a banquet of smoking hot Latin songs with dances staged by award-winning choreographer Javier Velasco. Previews for “Zoot Suit” begin Saturday, July 14, 2012. Opening night is Friday, July 20, 2012 and runs through Sun., Aug. 12, 2012 on the Lyceum Stage, located at 79 Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego.

Raul Cardona is El Pachuco in “Zoot Suit.” Photo courtesy of Daren Scott.

“Zoot Suit” is set in Los Angeles, Calif. during World War II (1942-43). The war in the Pacific is in full gear, American big band music has young people at home dancing up a storm and the Zoot Suit is the uniform of choice for Chicano gangs on the streets of Los Angeles. One August morning, a young Chicano boy is found bloody and beaten by the side of a road near a county reservoir. His death leads to the indictment of a local Chicano gang and the infamous Sleepy Lagoon Murder Trial, a kangaroo court fanned by media hysteria. When the verdict is announced, the Zoot Suit riots begin and the mythical, mystical figure of “El Pachuco” is born.

“Zoot Suit” playwright Luis Valdez was in residence for extended periods of time at San Diego REP from 1998 to 2005, writing, directing and acting in his productions of “Bandido!,” “Mummified Deer,” “Earthquake Sun,” and “Corridos REMIX: A Musical Fusion of Ballads Beyond Borders.” Says Woodhouse: “The impact of his wisdom and artistry upon our company was profound.”

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