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Director Zhang Yimou (“Raise the Red Lantern,” “Ju Dou,” “Hero,” “House of the Flying Daggers”) tells an epic story of love and sacrifice in “The Flowers of War,” adapted by screenwriter Liu Heng from the novel by Geling Yan. Set during Japan’s 1937 invasion of China, the film is told from a young girl’s point of view, not as a history lesson, but as an intimate, elemental and paradoxically universal celebration of the human spirit. Christian Bale stars as a dissolute Westerner who seeks refuge in a Catholic church. There he meets a beautiful Chinese courtesan (Ni Ni) who helps him rescue a group of schoolgirls from a terrible fate at the hands of the Japanese.

Christian Bale and Ni Ni star in “The Flowers of War.”

“The Flowers of War is 141 minutes long, Rated R, and opens February, 2012 at Landmark’s La Jolla or Hillcrest Cinemaa. For information and times, call 619.819.0236, or visit  Film times and dates are subject to change.

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