Art Rocks Heavy Metal

| April 3, 2012 | 5 Comments

By: Stylishly Aubree Lynn

Wearable art made from heavy metals can be stylish and attractive.

Heavy metal is usually a term we hear in the musical field however when it comes to San Diego’s own hidden gem of jewelry, Artemisa Rivas or ‘Art’ as she goes by. Rivas hits an epic note all her own. I had the opportunity to interview Rivas as she grooves through the concepts incorporating heavy metals and the inspiration of San Diego waves into her pieces.

What inspires you to create the pieces you do?

Everything! I could be out surfing the waves and see the shapes the water makes….to team meetings with all my fashion design friends….to my day at work with children and their fun drawings and artwork…I have an really big imagination and I use this to turn my thoughts on life into jewelry.

When was your first encounter with metals and making them into wearable art?

Since I was born, I have had metal as part of my life. My dad is a welder and a very creative thinker. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make metal jewelry and finally about a year ago I took a class. From then on I’ve been a metal fiend. I started making beaded jewelry 11 years ago and now using metal as the focal point just took it to a completely new level. I wish my hands could go as fast as my mind thinks of new ideas.

Where do you showcase your items and how much do they run for?

As of now, I am solely online at and on Etsy and doing some craft fair events here and there. Online my jewelry sells from $10.00 to $400.00, and if you catch me at a craft fair, I usually have earrings starting at $5.00.

When and where will you be next?

I have two shows that will be occurring in April and May 2012.  The first event is Poway High School’s Spring Craft and Business Fair from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, April 14. The second event is the Las Vegas Jimicto Fashion Art & Music Festival on Saturday, May 12.

How often do you create new pieces?

I try to create a couple of new pieces a week. I have tons of ideas and I just can’t go fast enough. Ha! There’s a lot of thought going into it and the process could be long…sketching, making the template model, making changes, picking material, filing, sanding, polishing…I do everything by hand. It’s more meaningful.

Is this a hobby for you? Where do you in-vision your creations?

At first it started off as a hobby…now I envision my jewelry going down runways and possibly in a major department stores and high end boutiques.

Living in San Diego, we can identify with Riva’s relation to this beach town. Tap into her sites and browse her creations. There is something for everyone through her jewelry. I will end on this note, “art rocks, heavy metal.”

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