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by Concetta Antico

Every once in a while we feel the urge to say something but the words won’t come out. Thinking, feeling and speaking artfully can create great change if you live and empower how you live, the lives of others, the choices you make and the quality of your life here on earth. Finding your artful voice is like a song to the heavens. It will resonate in your heart and mind and bring you health and peace.

Verbal, personal self-expression is just another extension of the paintbrush, the pen or the pencil. It can create wondrous new imaginings of the mind, body and spirit – can move people to action (think of the recent closure of San Onofre and the artful voices of that community!), solve problems, heal and make each other happy.

Remember how you felt when your creative thought stayed bottled up in your brain and did not burst forth with intention? Regret!

Speaking authentically goes hand in hand with living authentically. The usual, “How are You?” “I’m OK; how are You?,” sub-standard greeting that people give each other is a monotonous mantra that needs to change. This type of greeting kills creative conversation and yet it is so common in our society. Yuk!

This connection, (or lack of), is often found in the school yard when we collect our children, in the work place when we pass our colleagues each day or on the street when we bump into folks we know. Finding your artful voice will allow new thoughts to generate thereby fostering new experiences which will emerge from these new dialogues. Time is an important factor. Often we cannot stop to speak, yet a meaningful, interested and loving conversation can take only a few minutes and will resonate with all parties – all day. A small gesture results in a long return.

SO – next time you start to give the old cliché…catch yourself! Converse more colorfully, mention more meaningfully, and say what you mean. Open up. Be honest with your thoughts, share privacies and don’t walk away feeling like you didn’t mean what you said.

Your life will be richer, your friendships deeper and you spirit happier. An artful voice begins in your unique fertile mind and comes out of your magical mouth. Happy vocal summer to you all!

Concetta Antico is a mother, wife, artist, educator and tetrachromat. For over 20 years she has spoken artfully at her The Salon Of Art school and Antico Fine Art Gallery located at 1920 Fort Stockton Drive, Ste A, Mission Hills, San Diego, CA 92103. She can be reached at, The,

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