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“Buy one get two free” promotion at a Bass shoe store in Oregon.

“Buy one get two free” promotion at a Bass shoe store in Oregon.

by Aubree Lynn

I have developed some interest in living elsewhere while recently visiting Oregon. This is motivated by the difference in the cost of living, including clothing and homes, between California and Oregon. My husband is from Springfield, which is within the Eugene area of Oregon. While visiting, we had the opportunity to do a little shopping and home browsing. I was amazed by the difference in the cost of living and how much you can get for the money you earn. Here in California we realize that we’re paying extra for the “annual ten percent chance of rain” and the beaches, which allows us to enjoy water activities. However, is it really worth it?

Many people residing in California can’t afford a home, let alone raise kids, because childcare is so costly. That’s what lead to our comparison shopping while visiting another state.

Of course, in Oregon you have to deal with different weather: 70 percent increase of rain each year. However, a night on the town is 3/4ths cheaper. And you can purchase a 2,600 square foot, four bedroom home with 2 ½ baths, Jacuzzi and fireplace for only 100,000 dollars more than our condo, which is a 670 square foot, one bedroom unit that is two minutes from Lake Murray.

It is true you get what you pay for and where you live. But it is insane what you can get just one state away.

Then there is the reality of the cost of shopping. I felt like I was on a holiday while shopping in Oregon. There are constant sales at the malls. I could not believe that buying a new wardrobe for my husband only cost 200 dollars. We walked into a Bass shoe store intrigued by a sign that said “buy one get two free.” I had to ask if it was for real. It was: NO gimmicks.

We did the deal and walked away with 360 dollars’ worth of shoes for 160 bucks. Now don’t forget, in Oregon there is no sales tax, which makes a huge difference. In La Mesa, where we live, the tax is 8.75 percent. In El Cajon it is nine percent. This added taxation really makes a difference when purchasing clothing, cars and homes.

So the reoccurring question is, “Do we stay in California and make the cost of living work for us, or do we leave this amazing weather for an affordable lifestyle, being able to have kids and live within our means?” It is a question we will keep close in our thoughts as we continue on our newly married life.

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