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Aubree Lynn and her husband enjoy the great outdoors at Newport Beach.

Aubree Lynn and her husband enjoy the great outdoors at Newport Beach.

by Aubree Lynn, Producer/Stylist

My mission for this particular article is to encourage day trip getaways and or staycations. We, the working class folks, have busy lives. We have to fit everything into our 40-plus hour work weeks and many times forget about ourselves in the process. You do not have to travel far away from sunny San Diego to experience an enjoyable “feel like you traveled away from your norm” getaway. I not only encourage it but agree that you will be a happier individual if you make these random trips.

I want to enlighten you on a place I oddly enough just recently discovered with my husband and our friends: Balboa Island and Pirate Boat Rentals. If you have never experienced Balboa Island in Newport Beach I would say that it is a hint of our Coronado with a touch of Coney Island and everything you would want in an approximate two- mile radius. We spent a fabulous afternoon browsing stores to learn about candle making, gift ideas, pasta preparation, creating your own oils and visiting antique shops.
When the evening sun started to set we made our way for sandwiches and salads to-go and headed to Via Oporto, Newport Beach for Pirate’s Life Boat Rentals. My friend fell upon this little gem through Groupon. The deal was for 50 dollars we got an hour and a half with the option to bring our own food and wine on the boat. Needless to say we were sold.

We made our way through the water with the Balboa Islands on both sides of us and a ferris wheel lighting up the slowly diming sky. We ate, played music and enjoyed what we thought was going to be our last hurrah in Newport Beach. Then we went back to the rental place and were pleasantly surprised when the owner and some of the staff took us back out on the boat, escorted us to the ferris wheel and paid for our tickets. They also bought us appetizers at one of the local restaurants. What an awesome experience! This memorable and relaxing getaway trip is one that we can put in our history books as a spectacular adventure, thanks to Pirate’s Life Boat Rentals and Balboa Island.

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