Designer, Stacie May, Speaks About Her Inspiration for Fashion Week San Diego

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Stacie May, designer.

by Aubree Lynn

Walking up to a side door on Fifth Avenue, I was greeted by a cute blonde with a pixie haircut waiting to take me upstairs into her sew room, which contained several of her ensembles that will be featured on the runway during the upcoming Fashion Week San Diego. This girl from Philadelphia, whom would soon be known as Stacie May at the Savannah College Art and Design School in Georgia, took me into the conference room and we started in on a discussion that would unravel the designer behind the looks.

AL: What inspired your look for fall 2012?

SM: Well actually, my collection is spring/summer 2013. I didn’t do a fall collection. Since I have been doing one collection per year I choose spring/summer since we are in San Diego.

AL: Ok, so what inspired your creations for spring/summer 2013?

SM: I actually went out and used San Diego for my creations. I decided to play tourist in my own city and tried to soak in some of the culture with the colors and the vibe, using architecture for inspiration. Hopefully it comes out to one cohesive collection.

AL: What is your brand name? What made you decide on that name?

SM: Stacie May is my brand name, and it was an acquired nickname from one of my previous work places that just kind of stuck; I just liked the sound of it so I went with it. It was easy to remember. How it came about: or some reason we all just started calling each other May, I don’t know how it happened.

AL: Describe your style and the style of your designs.

SM: My design style is very feminine for the most part – vintage inspired with a modern twist. So I use vintage inspired fabrics with modern cuts or modern fabrics with vintage cuts. I mix the two to produce a more wearable piece.

AL: How did you first start your career? When did your clothing line finally take off?

SM: I have been doing this since I was ten years old, but did not officially launch until Fashion Week San Diego (FWSD) 2008. I have dabbled in costume design, made fun stuff for myself or for my friends, few collections in college, and then I finally decided it was time in 2008.

AL: You have been in FWSD in 2008 and now in 2012. Did you see a rise in clientele for 2008? What was your desire to come back to be a part of FWSD for a second time?

SM: Well, with 2008 that was the very first time I put anything out there. I got a lot of opportunities from that exposure and a lot of sales. It just kind of put my name out there and so I kind of rode the coat tails from Fashion Week. From there, each opportunity has presented more sales and it has grown since then. I decided to do Fashion Week again because they were extremely supportive of me the first time, and I have a loyalty and a strong belief that San Diego can be something in the fashion industry.

AL: Do you see San Diego being a contributor to your brand? If not, is it mostly online clients from other cities? If this is true, why do you think you appeal to outsiders in San Diego?

SM: I get this question a lot. I think San Diegans are set in their ways. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just think that everyone is just comfortable, and they don’t want to venture out and get out of the norm/conservative, I would say. They are also not really aware of what is here for them. I sell a lot online, pretty much all over the world. I sell a lot to New York City, believe it or not, and Canada. Some things have gone to Australia, France, and also Japan, which is really great! I sell through Etsy which is a beneficial thing because it is international and a couple others do the marketing for it while I get the exposure.

AL: If I would purchase your clothing how would I go about doing that? What are your price points?

SM: The best way is Price points are between fifty and three hundred dollars, unless it is a specialty gown or fabric. Dresses usually go for about a hundred dollars.

AL: What do you want your audience to know about you, something inspiring, something personal?

SM: That’s a good question. I always tell people, women especially, we’re always so afraid of what we think of each other, I always say just express yourself and be yourself and have fun with what you wear. You know, because it shows confidence and it’s more fun that way.

After the interview I was able to view the collection that will be presented in Fashion Week San Diego’s evening runway show in October, and some of these pieces are the boldest expressions of San Diego. If you are looking to venture out of the norm with clothing and other pieces, go to where you can purchase items that those in Australia and New York are wearing. What an awesome interview, and what an accomplishment to be selling fashion to the cities we look to for mimicked looks, and for our own inspiration.

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