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By Aubree Lynn, writer, producer and stylist

Last month, the focus for the New Year was on the face and finding an esthetician to give you the proper care to keep your skin youthful by using healthy products. This month, it is all about those lovely locks. We ladies all want our hair to be a statement, whether it’s healthy, trendy, or just well groomed. I happen to know a local hair artist who can help you sustain all three of these qualities while really giving you confidence in your overall look.

Facial color, dimensions, structure and lines are all important in order to understand the techniques of being a cosmetologist and/or hair artist. I have had the privilege, after much conversing, to interview my trusted friend and hair color professional, Sara Barlow. Barlow has been working in the hair-styling industry for over twelve years and has taken numerous classes to really master her skills and provide expertise to do exactly as noted in my statement in the lead paragraph.

Complimenting skin, eyes, and relying on what trends are “in” to direct color choice is great, but there is actually a method that specialists, like Barlow, can introduce which helps to pick the perfect color for your hair. Barlow, in addition to years of training, was privileged to be asked to join the Rusk team to teach hair color and techniques which offer a personal touch for every individual.

If you are unfamiliar with Rusk, they have been around since the 1980s. Besides being known for creative techniques, including structured yet flexible cutting methods, their color line contains advanced marine therapy. So while your color is processing it is also depositing vitamins, minerals and amino acids; so your hair is shiny and revitalized.

Day Spa in the City, located in La Mesa, is where you can benefit from Barlow’s amazing talent. Barlow has been my colorist and hairstylist from the age of twelve, off and on, and mostly in my recent age when I started wanting more color cycles within seasons. I personally love the Rusk line. I trust their products and have seen Barlow really make an amazing masterpiece using colors to enhance my hair. If you have seen my hair and the creative color selection, it was my vision and Barlow’s techniques that brought it to life.

While paying close attention to your

Sara Barlow operates Day Spa in the City.

and preference, you can receive an education on your overall tone, while enhancing the natural coloring – which God gave you – in your skin, hair and eyes. Go out today and find a new color, or add to your current color, with the specialized assistance from Barlow at Day Spa in the City.

To learn more visit, www.stylishlyaubreelynn.com.

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