How to get the “most bang for your buck”

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Today, consumers are looking for ways to eat healthy and to incorporate more authentic, natural and wholesome foods into their diets – the less processed the better.  But with quality, wholesome foods also comes the misconception that eating healthy can be expensive.  That’s why the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), the creator of GOT MILK?, has partnered with Dairy Council of California to inform consumers throughout the Golden State on ways to stretch their dollars, to get “the most bang for their buck” at the grocery store, without sacrificing nutrition in celebration of National Nutrition Month.

Basic staples such as milk, sweet potatoes, beans, oatmeal and fruits like oranges, tangerines, apples and bananas can be easily purchased for less than  $1 per serving and are considered nutrient-rich Super Foods.  They are foods that offer multiple nutrients while providing myriad of health benefits with minimal calories. For example, a can of soda could cost up to a dollar and has no nutritional value. However, if families really look into stretching their dollar, they can get four, eight-ounce cups of skim milk for that same dollar, while also getting nine essential nutrients including Vitamin D and calcium for strong bones, muscles, teeth, hair and nails.

The USDA’s My Plate nutrition guide released last year recommends that families’ meals consist of at least half fruits and vegetables, a small portion of whole grains and lean proteins and topped off with dairy, such as a glass of low fat or nonfat milk. Other foods that yield multiple servings to stretch the dollar at the grocery store for a family include:

“In today’s tough economic climate, it’s important to know that healthy eating is readily accessible to everyone,” says Steve James, executive director of the CMPB.  “We’re proud to partner with Dairy Council of California for National Nutrition Month to debunk misconceptions about nutrient-rich foods. It’s all boils down to making smart choices for each and every dollar.”

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A healthy meal can be inexpensive.

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