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Never give up? Unless…

Never give up? It’s everywhere!
On my walk one morning, I was behind a man wearing a t-shirt that said,
“Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up.” When I looked on social media, I found a man who calls himself “Mr. Never Give Up.”

We like this idea of never quitting, of persisting, of not giving up on our dreams, work, relationship, etc. Keep on keeping on.

Admirable, but…my point? Sometimes you simply must quit.

The trick, the thing we must each figure out is this: when is it time to keep trying and when is it time to quit?

Clues and signs it is time to quit:

? When your health is affected. For example, when your limbs are numb, you can’t sleep and even your doctor is suggesting you take time off…hellooooo. It’s time to take a different street.

? When you’ve given it your best shots. Yes, maybe if you did one more thing it might be just the thing. But, it might not and after a while what is needed is freed-up energy to be about other things.

Oct Human TuneUp column by Cath

Be done with it (dream, job, relationship, business, bad boss, etc.); if it’s meant to be, it will circle back around.

One time my dream was to be a syndicated cartoonist in newspapers around the country. Once it became apparent that dream was not happening, I quit the dream, which then freed up space for better things to happen. That’s life, always on the job.

It’s quite okay to quit. Especially when it’s killing you…especially when something better is waiting to come into your life.

Cath DeStefano, CEO, Speaker, Author, Fun workshop leader
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