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Step into stillness

In summer, after the to-do part of their day was done, my parents would sit side-by-side outside in their lawn chairs in the Michigan night air. Summer after summer, night after night.

When I was growing up I didn’t understand it, but now I get it. It was their “still point in a turning world.” It was them sitting and absorbing the restorative effect of quiet-time night time, with cricket songs and twinkling-on-and-off lightning bugs thrown in.

Thank you, author Joseph “follow-your-bliss” Campbell, for recommending humans find our still points. I agree.

I have found the ultimate direct line to a still point is this: a quiet time in a quiet place with candles lit, optional music wafting in the background, all the while letting thoughts float right on by until a certain peace arrives.

Few of us manage to do this regularly…but other means exist to connect with your still point.

Simply allow beauty to take your breath away. As in the stunning beauty of sunrises and sunsets, the sounds of rain on tin roofs, and the miraculous freshness of a newborn child. So stunning it stops us.

Another path is simply to breathe in a breath and with it breathe in stillness too. If only for five totally-present seconds, step into the stillness.

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