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Let there be no doubt, we come with a “knowingness” inside. Noah Webster described it as, “An immediate comprehension without rational thought.”

I still recall the day when I went to the airport to greet my dad. After my mom died, he continued to spend the Michigan wintertime in warm, south Texas and would come to visit me for the Christmas holiday.

This time was different. At first sight of him, out of the blue and totally without expectation, my entire body said, “Your father has come here to die.” There was not one cell in me out of agreement. It was so shocking; I remember literally trying to shake it off.

Was it true? Did it happen? Yes, it did.

How could I know so certainly before something happened? It’s that knowingness we have in us. Something beyond formal education. Built-in.
It happened again. Not death this time, but that same certainty.

I was totally done being single. At 50, still unmarried,
I swore I had gone on my last blind date forever. No more. If I were to be with someone, he would have to knock on my door.

He did…in a way. Through my HumanTuneUp work, I came in contact with someone and eventually we decided to meet.

My girlfriends were wild with worry, convinced he could be a serial killer. To calm their fears, I arranged to meet him for the first time in an open-during-the-day locale.

It happened again. At first sight of him, my entire body said, “This is going to be just fine.” There was not one cell in me out of agreement. Now we are Mr. and Mrs.

We have a knowingness inside. Learn to trust it.
Cath DeStefano, Author, Fun Workshop Leader
Book Excerpt: Vital Signs! for Life by Cath

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