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Through a strange series of events, here were Adam and Eve live on the radio, 6 p.m. from the East Coast.

The last caller had wondered why, when God said not to, Adam had taken a bite of the apple anyway. That act brought us choice and with that choice came sin and guilt.

ADAM: That’s precisely where you went way off course. First of all, I was just hungry. The apple was there. I ate it. But the “apple thing” got all convoluted.

HOST: So where’d the problem start, Adam?

ADAM: With the idea of sin. That it was somehow a sin to eat the apple. Sin started this guilt trail down through the centuries which somehow led to too many lives being built on must and should rather than want to.

HOST: Let me be clear, Adam. God didn’t say, “Don’t eat the apple”?

ADAM: Not even close. God actually said, “Have fun in the Garden.”

HOST: So Eve, you and Adam are back to clear this up?

EVE: Absolutely. If humans only knew, they are actually three simple ideas away from true Garden living.


EVE: Number 1: Get along with all the species here and don’t even think of trying to dominate each other. Number 2: You’ve nothing to prove here. Enjoy yourself.

HOST: That one will be hard for some to hear. Those who need to DO something, make their parents proud, get ahead, etc.

EVE: Oh, don’t misunderstand. Doing is fine. Just not so driven by must and should is my point. It’s such a brief span here. Don’t fret so.

HOST: One more idea?

EVE: Yes, number 3: Love.

HOST: Love?

EVE: Quite the force.

ADAM: We are including love again. Just like in the beginning.

EVE: Love for each other, the ultimate tool for peace. Extend a smile. A kind word.

HOST: Thank you for clearing this up. And the reminder about love being such a powerful force. We tend to forget to extend it.

Well folks, I’m sorry to say we’re out of time. Thanks so much to both of you for coming.

There you have it folks. Adam and Eve revisiting.

Listeners, are you listening?

Cath DeStefano, Author, Fun Workshop Leader
Book Excerpt: Vital Signs! for Life by Cath

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