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I’ve come to see the difference between intentions and intent.

Intentions have a bit of fluffiness to them, as in having good intentions but nothing much happens – the kind of intentions associated with new year resolutions. Losing weight. Making more money. The ones that are usually dead by January’s end.

Intent on the other hand is different. There is more of a focus, more of a power behind intent, more of a quiet insistence in almost a hell-bent kind of way.

But also with a touch of effortlessness attached. It is an odd combination. One worth experimenting with for yourself.

When intent is clear, pathways emerge as if by magic.
An example from my own life is when I decided that traveling and teaching were for me. I wanted to see the world and get paid for talking. That intent, as I know to call it now, set things into motion that came together in an almost magical way.

One day out of the blue, a woman in one of my workshops in San Diego called to say she had gone to a seminar by CareerTrack®. She invited me to lunch and said, “You could do this.”

Simultaneously, an agent for a speaker’s bureau in San Diego called to say, “I am placing speakers with CareerTrack® seminars and I would like to propose you join them.”

I ended up traveling and teaching in 49 states and
several countries with CareerTrack®.

We live in a world of possibility where outcomes are not definite but worth experimenting with your intent.

Is it a certain job you want? Your ideal place to live? Put the power of focused intent behind your dreams and see what materializes…

Intent moves the world.

Cath DeStefano, Author, Fun Workshop Leader
Book Excerpt: Vital Signs! for Life by Cath

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