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In awe

We, you and I, are the results
of long lines of sperm meeting egg
and on and on down through the generations,
first uniting, and then cell by cell dividing and
multiplying, until we miraculously became a self,
entering through our mother’s body onto our earth
and walking around, living a life.

This calls for awe.

While we sleep, the earth rotates and brings sunrise to us and all points along the way until it travels far so the sun is seeming to rise again…back to nudging us awake with its lightness.


These too call for awe:

  • The ability to stand upright, moving along, one foot in front of the other.
  • Our hearts beating year after year, seemingly without needing our assistance, beat by beat by beat.\
  • A toddler speaking in sentences.
  • First breaths and last breaths.
  • Feeling the love of one for another, me for thee, we for us.

ART for Dec 2015 Human TuneUp column by Cath

When life gets a touch too real (and, oh yes, can’t it now), there’s nothing quite like a pause to connect again with the simple wonders in and among us.

There’s something about this appreciation that restores and soothes our souls, allowing us to be alive in life again.

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