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This Is Your Life

Oh dear, you mean that I am in charge of THIS too? Yes.

In other times, it was different; a woman could tag along on her husband’s life and let his life be her life. As unfulfilling as that might sound to a modern mind, it worked then. She got her power from being associated with him.

In other times, men stuck with the same job for 40 years and retired with a gold watch.

Somewhere along the way, the cracks in those models showed up and through the openings came this question: “What interests me ?”

What interested you five years ago may not be where it’s at now.

The updated world is this: each of us needs to identify what is personally interesting. Let go of whatever no longer holds your interest.

One of my favorite questions I ask periodically is, “Do I like my life?”

Part of liking my life is being involved in interesting-to-me things, such as:

? Sewing dresses for little girls in Haiti.

? Attending a panel of San Diego and Syrian journalists.

? Spending the afternoon in the pool with 14-year-old Allison.

? Teaching human relations skills to people from around the world.

? Influencing the course of things.

Not interesting to you?
Well of course, there’s the trick.
WHAT interests you ?

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