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Retire your cape

Few among us are here to do really big things with our lives.

Oh yes, there are presidents of countries and companies and leaders in all varieties of professions; but for most of us, we live and work in a world with 250 people in our sphere and we don’t have much influence beyond 100 feet.

We have not been asked to save the world. I think this is the good news.

Let those who are so moved to do the really big things in life do so. If you feel you are one of those, go for it!

For the rest of us, we can retire our capes (even to the point of not having to fix another person’s life). Who are we after all, to know what is best for that person? (Even though we can see clearly a big mistake is about to be made that will affect the rest of that person’s life… ah, but I digress…)

I think more good news is that, without even knowing it, who we are does influence others. I remember when my friend Kerry met Tim and they married. At that time, I was still single at 50 and I remember saying to myself, “I want that too.”

I am sure they had no idea they helped me see that was an option for me too, but now I am married (very happily) also.

I propose that we take it easy, please. Let us simply find a life we like… and live it!
If others benefit from what we do and how we are, lovely.

Cath DeStefano, CEO, Speaker, Author, Fun workshop leader
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