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This Is It

The problem is with the article the.

It tricks our minds into thinking there is the way to live and off we go in search of it.

We read all sorts of self-help books. We check out various gurus. We undo what our parents did. We take back some of our parents’ ways.

We experiment with different ways of living life:

  • We think maybe we need to give up all desires.
  • We think maybe we need to have strong desires.
  • We think maybe we need to believe in God and He will provide all things.
  • We think maybe it’s all up to us and not God. As in, if we don’t do it, no one will.
  • Human TuneUp by Cath - June issueAs we explore these various beliefs and approaches, trying some on for size and leaving others in the dust, eventually we find what the way means to us.

Some of us go to church. Some would never.

Some of us work for others. Some are self-employed.

Some of us like liver. Some say “ick.”

Choices, choices everywhere.

We find there is no one way. No one has the answer to how to live life. We each get to figure it out for our self.

It’s up to us. It is one of the most creative things we humans do – design our lives.

May you like your choices.
Cath DeStefano, Author, Fun Workshop Leader
Excerpt: Vital Signs! for Life available


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