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5 Lessons It’s Okay to Avoid

I admit thinking when I was younger that there would be a point in my life when lessons would end; when I got older and smarter, I guess I thought I entered a “cruise-along-phase” without much to learn.

Well, so very incorrect as it turns out.

I can now report in from firsthand experience – lessons go on and on as far as the years can see…and just as well really.

On our walk one day, my friend Julie said it wasn’t so much that she thought lessons would end at some point, but rather she was surprised some took so long to get. Amen!

My dad used to call that the School of Hard Knocks: the place where tough lessons are learned and the “hard-headed-and-won’t-listen-to-anyone” go to face the music.

I wish we could prevent loved ones from experiencing these Hard Knock Lessons, the ones that are so clearly mistakes.

As in: 5 Lessons It’s Okay to Avoid

? Make money, but spend even more.
? Host too many bad habits at once.
? Overwork so much until health dips.
? Marry someone you think you can save.
? Ask for help… never.

We can so easily see; can’t they see the above are bad, bad choices?!?

Awaken already!

Ah. But then, who put me in charge of what’s best for you?!? Who do I think I am that I know what you are here to learn?

Pardon me while I clean the windows on my glass house…

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