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How is this going to work out?!?

Excuse me while I put my Pollyanna outfit in the closet and make sure my feet are planted firmly on the ground before I begin…

I know. The nerve of me, saying things will all work out (and usually for our highest good to boot).

We’ve all experienced the “dim” times: breaking up, not enough money for rent and bills, losing a job, parents dying, very sick but no insurance, divorcing again, etc., those times we are really scared and wondering, “HOW is this all going to work out?!”

We all have our stories of what we have managed to live through. Key words: lived through!

What helps?

Take action

“What step can I take now that will help this situation?”
EXAMPLE: After my dad’s death, I found myself on the couch staring into space for way too long. The step I took was to attend a grief group with our local hospice. What step might help you?


Repeat after yourself: I’ve lived through __________; therefore I can live through this too. Repeat 400 times a day as needed…

EXAMPLE: I’ve lived through emergency surgery without having any medical insurance; I can live through this too.

Courage from Another’s Life

“I’ve seen _______ live through _________. If she can, I can.”
EXAMPLE: When Liz (name changed) was16 and pregnant with her own child, she was given custody of her three siblings to raise. Yikes. I met her when she was 40 and she had managed to get everyone raised, including herself!

Surrender and Trust

When young, you might not know this yet, but with age and experience you can grow to trust there are forces at work for your highest good. You just need to remember that, strange as it seems, this is all going to work out just fine. Keep breathing.

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