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Done doneART  Sept. 2015 Human TuneUp column by Cath

Have you experienced this? Holding on to something or someone way beyond the time when it makes any sense to hold on? Examples: staying in a relationship where there is way more pain than pleasure or staying in a job that dulls the life right out of you.

Sometimes it’s simply the time to give up and let go. No crime to let go. The horse is dead, done, finished. Rise up and leave the horse. Go.

You must arrive at the “done-done” point where the only thing left to do is acknowledge and move on.

Aha! But getting to that point…there’s the trick. And especially tricky when it is not your idea to be “done-done,” but he/she/it is calling “done.” And you’re not ready yet to be “done.”

As in, will not be marrying or even together anymore.
As in, promotion is not coming your way.
As in, that dream is not happening.

Here is the core realization that needs to sink in: whatever you want to happen is not going to happen. Drat, but true.

But even with that realization, there’s a bright spot. Consider this: whatever it was that didn’t happen that you wanted to have happen leaves you sad. Okay, yes, sad perhaps, sad for a while, okay, fine, but then eventually you arrive at “Next!”

You make openings for your “Next!” by letting go of what is “done-done.”
When the horse is dead, one must get off…

Cath DeStefano, CEO, Speaker, Author, Fun Workshop Leader

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