San Diego Designer Releases Inaugural Line of “Superbright” Clothing

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Californians with bold style and an inspired fashion-sense need look no further than Volga Verdi: a rising clothing brand with unbridled color and character.

The newly-launched brand is the brainchild of twenty-six-year-old designer Peter Green, a San Diego resident who has left the realm of graphic and interactive design and brought his art to the fashion market. Volga Verdi’s first line is comprised of ten contemporary t-shirts with design statements ranging from abstract-pop images to geometric minimalism and pure color experiments. Green finds inspiration for his designs in a wide array of places, but produces a truly unique product.

“I get inspired by different things, including cinema, combination of video and music, astronomy and space, physics, light, human visual perception, contrasts, excessiveness, architecture, paintings, materials and texture, abstract thoughts. You know, pretty much everything,” Green explains.

Before creating the designs for his first collection, Green analyzed thousands of graphic t-shirts and fashion prints on the market. “I have full confidence that Volga Verdi is in a truly unique niche,” he says.

Volga Verdi shirts are designed and printed in San Diego. The euro-fit shirts are produced in Los Angeles from a custom pattern designed by Green.

“Unexpected. Eclectic. Rule-breaking,” Green describes his clothing, “My designs are based on human visual perception. When seen on a person, the graphic, together with the clothes, is intended to invoke emotion. Art, abstract, geometric shapes, absurdity are all united by brightness to create the effect.”

Green sees Volga Verdi as more than just selling clothing and making money – he seeks to embody human attributes through the brand he’s building. “It must be a social entity that will promote qualities worthy of my own admiration. It has a human face, it’s powerful but kind, it’s great and modest, it possesses the best moral qualities – it never lets a customer down, it will never put profit before reputation. It should be noble, lustrous and beautiful. But just pure good is always boring; there’s got to be a little evil”, he explains.

A true entrepreneur, Green has worked in film, advertising, magazine journalism, and is currently part of an internet start-up developing a new type of social network.

“I have always done graphic design on computers, but want to make tangible objects and improve the real world. So Volga Verdi is my entrance into the ‘things’ design world,” Green says.

“Volga Verdi is that crazy swarm of ideas I’ve always been collecting, but I had nothing to apply them to. I needed a standalone entity, that would be a vehicle for all those experiments in art and life; that would get all the credit. That is what Volga Verdi is here for.”

Green currently sells most of his clothing online, but will be expanding to boutique stores throughout the San Diego area by early 2012.

Shirts are only the tip of the iceberg for Volga Verdi. Future lines will include a female-oriented line and other accessories, such as jewelry, backpacks, and belt buckles. Green continues to experiment with alternative printing methods to increase the brightness of his prints, saying “they will burn eyes.”

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